Setting up the Wing Stands

I will soon need to mount the main wing sections onto a set of wing stands for construction. I’ve borrowed a set of steel stands from another builder in my area. I spent this build session familiarizing myself with the wing stands and doing a preliminary setup and placement.

I will set the stands side by side such that the bottoms of the wings face each other. A lot of interior work will be done on the wings and all the interior access is from the bottoms of the wings. This will allow me to sit between the wings and work on them both without too much walking around. Once I determine their final location, I will bolt them firmly to the floor. I want to get them as close together as possible while still leaving myself enough room to work.

The angle bracket shown clamped to the stand will be bolted to the outboard wing rib for attachment to the stand.

The opposite stand will hold the inboard part of the main wing spar. This will simply rest on the arm of the stand and be secured in place with C clamps. I’ll provide more pictures once the spars actually get mounted.

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