Priming the Horizontal Stabilizer Parts

In this work session, I finally got to shoot some primer with my downdraft table. I did a small batch of parts to get a feel for how the spray gun works and how much primer is needed for a particular set of parts. I started by mixing a small amount of primer base and an equal amount of curing solution. This mixture needs to sit for 30 minutes before it’s used.

While the primer went through its induction time, I arranged the parts to be primed on the priming table.

I suited up for spraying. I’m wearing a full Tyvek suit and I have a full-face respirator to protect my eyes and lungs.

The primer went on very nicely. I will hopefully get better at this as I go. There were some spots that needed a second spray and other parts where I put it on a little too thick. I am pleased with the results.

The table worked very well. Once I was done and had cleaned up, there was no residual smell in my garage. I think this will work well. My only concern is that I may have built the table a bit too small. We’ll see.

Once the primer dries, it will be time to get back to assembly.

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