The Leading Edge Cradle

I’ve spent a few days doing work on the workshop. I added some lighting so I could move my tables to the side and make room for the wing stands. This evening I built the leading edge cradle, which is used to hold parts together during construction of the outboard wing leading edges and the fuel tanks.

The cradle is built from two pieces of plywood cut out to the dimensions of the leading edge ribs.

I had to widen the cuts a little bit, being careful to make both boards exactly the same shape. Here’s the finished cradle:

To make sure everything fit correctly, I put the left-side leading edge wing skin and its ribs into the cradle for a try.

It looks good. I’ll set it aside for now. We’re expecting some warm weather soon, so I’ll hopefully get the rear spar components primed so I can start riveting the rear spars.

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