Riveting the Wing Rear Spars – 1

We had a day of warm (70F) weather during which I was able to get the rear spar components primed. This allowed me to start setting the first rivets on the wings. I need to rivet together the rear spar components to get ready for the building of the main sections of the wings.

Here are the rear spars, clecoed together in preparation for riveting.

Many of the rivet holes in the rear spars are used to attach other wing components. The main ribs, the aileron hinge brackets, the aileron fairings, and the flap braces are all eventually riveted to the rear spars. It’s important when riveting the rear spar together that the holes needed for all of these attachments be left open for when they’re needed. I carefully identified all of the affected holes and put tape over them so I wouldn’t accidentally set a rivet in them.

So far, I have riveted the longer (W-707-G) reinforcement forks on both rear spars. In the next session, I’ll rivet the smaller overlapping plate (W-707-D) and the aileron attach reinforcement plates.

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