The Stall Warning Assembly

The stall warning vane is a unique part of the left-wing leading edge. There isn’t one on the right side. With the parts now primed, I was able to build the microswitch assembly for the stall warning. Here are a series of pictures showing the progress:

The first task is to rivet the plate-nuts onto the main bracket. These are used to fasten the stall warning assembly to the special rib made for mounting this assembly to the wing.

The riveted plate-nuts and other hardware
The stall-warning vane on its hinge
The micro-switch in its place
The completed assembly

The last task in preparation of the stall warning is riveting the plate-nuts onto the access-plate-doubler that will go around the a square hole in the bottom skin. The plate-nuts are used to fasten an access panel to cover the hole. This panel may be removed after the airplane is completely built to gain access to the stall-warning assembly for inspection or maintenance.

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