Horizontal Stabilizer Completed

This evening I had a visit from my EAA technical advisor. We had arranged to get together for the second time right before completing the horizontal stabilizer so he could inspect the interior before it was closed up. We talked about the project so far. I asked about a number of mistakes I had made in the construction and how serious they might be. He told me to build on so I completed the riveting of the rear spar to the horizontal stabilizer:

Here is the forward center section of the rear spar:

The left tip of the horizontal stabilizer:

The blind rivets fastening the rear spar to the end of the interior rib:

And, the obligatory photo of the builder with the completed sub-assembly:

The only remaining part of the horizontal stabilizer that needs to be completed is the attaching of the fiberglass tips. This will be done much later in the building process. I will now set this component aside and move on to the vertical stabilizer.

One thought on “Horizontal Stabilizer Completed

  1. While I don’t fully understand everything you’re doing I think it’s a really exciting project! Can’t wait to see the finished product!


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