Vertical Stabilizer Completed

All of the parts for the vertical stabilizer have been ready for final assembly for some time now. It’s time to get this assembly finished as well. The vertical stabilizer is much simpler and has taken much less time than the horizontal stabilizer.

Once the skeleton is riveted together, it is ready to be fastened to the skin. The skeleton consists of the front spar, two aft ribs, a front (lower) rib, and the top rib. Here, the left half of the skin has been clecoed to the skeleton:

Once the skin is clecoed on both sides, the interior rivets can be set. These are all accessible through the rear of the assembly.

The rivets on the end ribs (top and bottom) and on the rear spar can now be set using the squeezer.

The front two rivets on the top rib are in a very tight place:

I was unable to get the squeezer in that space and the bucking bar was also too big to fit. I wound up back-riveting these two against a steel plate on the table using a small steel bar as a lever and striking the lever with the rivet gun. This got the job done:

Here I am with the completed vertical stabilizer (and some fancy socks):

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