Left Wing – Top Skin

It’s time to put the top skin on the left wing to get it ready for final drilling. The inboard skin and wing-walk doubler are already in place. The outboard skin goes on next because it overlaps the inboard skin for two closely-spaced rows of rivets (one row goes into a rib and the other just holds the skins together).

Here’s the interior view.

Notice on the outboard end of the wing (visible in the first picture) that the skin overhangs the last rib quite a bit. This is the part of the skin that will attach to the fiberglass wingtip. I noticed that the overhang on the leading edge was going to interfere with the wing stand because the bracket I bolted to the rib was not deep enough. It was a 1 inch angle. I took the wing down and replaced the bracket with a new one made from 1.5″ angle.

As you can see, there is now sufficient clearance between the extended line of the skin-edge and the stand. This means I won’t have any problems later when I’m attaching the leading edge skin to the spar.

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