Riveting Rudder Stiffeners to the Skins

Having trimmed, smoothed, deburred, primed, and dimpled the rudder stiffeners and the left and right rudder skins, it's now time to rivet the stiffeners to the skins. I'm using the back-riveting technique for this task, which involves driving the shop heads while the flush factory heads are held against the hard smooth surface of a … Continue reading Riveting Rudder Stiffeners to the Skins

Horizontal Stabilizer – Ready for Inspection

It's time to permanently assemble the horizontal stabilizer. The front and rear spar assemblies are complete and everything is primed and ready to go. The assembly starts by clecoing and riveting the HS-707 rib to the top side of the skin. This rib is in the center of the front section of the stabilizer. It … Continue reading Horizontal Stabilizer – Ready for Inspection